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Jul. 6th, 2013

Dibakar Barua


I had heard one song of hers, You and I on 8 tracks. I ran into a youtube mix of her songs today. And boy did it to something to me!!! parachute (aaaahhh the videooo!!!, her nerd look fucks my senses up soo baddd, shes like the perfect dream woman for me..), be ok, you and i are my favorites. I AM SO IN LOVE !!!

Jun. 6th, 2011

clem and joel



Just joined this community! Thought I'd say hi by sharing a video with the group! It's one of my favorite Ingrid Michaelson songs and her most well-known!

Sep. 17th, 2010

Ingrid :: headphones


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The rest here.

Sep. 14th, 2010

lonely queen //;; fbawtft [queenie]


Info & Question

Thought people might want to know that Ingrid's 'Parachute' single has been released in the US and is available for purchase today (September 14th). Also if you're on the mailing list there is also a behind the scenes of her new photoshoot.

Also, I was wondering if anyone has made cookies or brownies for a show? I wanted to but I didn't know how it worked, I mean do you give them to the tour people or something? I'd like to make some cookies for her and the crew but I don't want to be carrying them around all night because I didn't know who to give them to.

Aug. 5th, 2010



A Quick Hello

*Your name? Darek
*How old are you? 29
*where are you from? Vermont
*How did you hear about Ingrid first? She opened a few shows for Jason Mraz on his European tour a couple of years back and I really liked their version of "You and I" and looked into more of her stuff.
*Favorite Ingrid song? "The Chain", "Maybe"
*Favorite Ingrid album? Be OK
*Favorite Ingrid lyric? "I'm just a stranger, even to myself, A re-arranger of the proverbial bookshelf"
*Have you seen her live? Her fall tour stop up here in Burlington will be my first time.
*Other favorite bands/musicians? Jason Mraz, Eric Hutchinson, Brett Dennen, Mike Doughty, Ben Folds, Barenaked Ladies, Rustic Overtones, Mos Def, T.I.

Nice to be a part of this community. I wish it were a bit more active but I'll see if I can help that at all. I post quite a bit in the Mraz community so I'll see what I can do around here.

Jul. 4th, 2010

maureen johnson; expectation meter


someone else is knitting things for your ears

*Your name? Sara.
*How old are you? 23.
*where are you from? Alexandria, VA.
*How did you hear about Ingrid first? I happened to have David Letterman on my tv about two years ago and I love the ukulele. She was playing "Be O.K." and I just thought she was adorable and fun.
*Favorite Ingrid song? "You And I"; "Maybe"; "Be O.K."; "The Chain"; "The Hat".
*Favorite Ingrid album? Boys And Girls
*Favorite Ingrid lyric? "I knitted you a hat, all blue and gold, to keep your ears warm from the Binghamton cold. It was my first one and it was too small. It didn't fit you at all, but you wore it just the same." ♥
*Have you seen her live? Not yet.
*Other favorite bands/musicians? Flight of the Conchords; Uni & Her Ukelele; Garfunkel and Oates; The Who; The Mountain Goats.


May. 23rd, 2010

honey i'll be there for u


hey fellow Ingrid lovers

*Your name? Amy
*How old are you? 21
*where are you from? UK.
*How did you hear about Ingrid first? Grey's Anatomy!
*Favorite Ingrid song? Keep Breathing, Turn To Stone, All Love.
*Favorite Ingrid album? Girls and Boys.
*Favorite Ingrid lyric? "Let's go to bed with clearer heads, and hearts too big to fit our beds, and maybe we won't feel so alone, before we turn to stone." <3
*Have you seen her live? yeah in 2009, she wasamazing,supported by Greg Laswell- one of the best gigs ever. she was so sweet and she played everything i wanted her to.
*Other favorite bands/musicians? Satchel, Lifehouse, Greg Laswell, Fleetwood Mac, The Umbrellas, Brand New.

May. 21st, 2010

rainy tea party


hello all ♥

Your name?      Lauren
*How old are you?      24
*where are you from?   Maryland
*How did you hear about Ingrid first?  myspace I think
*Favorite Ingrid song?    The Chain, Giving Up, Charlie, Overboard ...
*Favorite Ingrid album?  can't pick
*Favorite Ingrid lyric?    "... what if I fall further than you? what if you dream of somebody new?"  "...I'm a big girl now, see my big girl shoes. It'll take more than just a breeze to make me fall over..."
*Have you seen her live? sadly, nope

*Other favorite bands/musicians?  Dave Mathews Band. Alica Keys, Regina Specktor, Jason Marz..

Feb. 26th, 2010


much love

Your name? Kristin
How old are you? 21
Where are you from? Chicago
How did you hear about Ingrid first? Grey's Anatomy Season 3
Favorite Ingrid song? I love all of them but probably December Baby
Top faves: Sort Of, Charlie, Around You, Die Alone, Corner of Your Heart, Keep Breathing, Starting Now, Mosquito
Favorite Ingrid album? Girls and Boys
Favorite Ingrid lyric? Right now, it's
Let's go to sleep with clearer heads
And hearts too big to fit our beds
And maybe we won't feel so alone
Before we turn to stone

Have you seen her live? Not yet :(
Other favorite bands/musicians? Incubus, The Beatles, Brand New, John Mayer, Fiona Apple

Jan. 27th, 2010

Ingrid :: headphones


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